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Where did we come from? Where are we going? Is there life on Mars? We don't know much about that... but we do know about mortgages.

What is h2b Hipotecas?

How can I apply for a mortgage with h2b?

How is the process with h2b Hipotecas?

Why should I hire your services?

Which financial institutions do you work with?

Is a member of your team personally in charge of managing my account?

Does h2b give me the money or grant me the mortgage?

What experience does h2b have in the mortgage sector?

If I do not have Spanish nationality, can I contract your services?

How is h2b different from other companies or websites?

Can I use your services if I want to improve the conditions of my current mortgage?

Do you have a certificate or are you registered in a public register?

How do you process my personal data?

Do you have a code of good practice?

Why other companies don't charge me for the service and you do?

Where can I see real opinions from other customers?

What is a mortgage broker?