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El dream team del sector

At h2b Hipotecas we offer more than just a financial service

When we started this adventure we realized that many of the companies in our sector did not put the customer at the center of their activity. A mortgage is not just an interest rate or a monthly payment. It is much more. From this initial idea h2b Hipotecas was born and time and experience have proven us right.

Our team is dedicated body and soul to making our clients' dreams come true. We like what we do and we like to do it well.

We currently have a great team of professionals working to become the reference mortgage broker in our offices in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia and Granada(don't hesitate to visit us!) but we cover the entire national territory online.


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Our Vision

To be the reference for all those people who want to get a mortgage.

Our Mission

h2b Hipotecas exists to help you throughout the whole process of obtaining a mortgage. To do so, we put at your service an expert team of people who negotiate for you and advise you in a personalised, transparent and honest way so that you get the best possible mortgage and a unique and satisfactory experience.


Our Principles

As Groucho Marx said,
These are our principles.
And we think you'll like them.


Your success is our success. We will never charge you if you don't succeed.


Numbers matter, people matter more.


We always strive for excellence, generating a positive impact on society.


100% personalised service. Each mortgage is unique and so are our clients.


We are transparent and straightforward. We won't mess you up with strange commissions or unexpected cost overruns.

Our dream team

We don't need to wear a tie to be able to say that we have the best and most specialised team to get your mortgage.

Eduard Roldós yellow_vector

Eduard Roldós


Ainhoa Edo yellow_vector

Ainhoa Edo

Atención al cliente

Alex Faucha yellow_vector

Alex Faucha

Mortgage specialist

Alexis de Armas yellow_vector

Alexis de Armas

Mortgage specialist

Ariadna Pons yellow_vector

Ariadna Pons

Mortgage specialist

Enrique Vallet yellow_vector

Enrique Vallet

Mortgage specialist

Christian Gastelaars yellow_vector

Christian Gastelaars

Mortgage Specialist

David Serra yellow_vector

David Serra

Mortgage specialist

Eloi Herrero yellow_vector

Eloi Herrero


Fina González yellow_vector

Fina González

Mortgage specialist

Francisco Trigueros yellow_vector

Francisco Trigueros

Mortgage specialist

Guillem Soler yellow_vector

Guillem Soler

Mortgage specialist

Jennifer Gómez yellow_vector

Jennifer Gómez

Graphic Designer

Joan Ridao yellow_vector

Joan Ridao

Mortgage specialist

Joaquim Molner yellow_vector

Joaquim Molner

Mortgage specialist

Natalia Romero yellow_vector

Natalia Romero

Mortgage specialist

Noelia Cayero yellow_vector

Noelia Cayero


Roberto Bergamo yellow_vector

Roberto Bergamo

Mortgage specialist

Xavier Roldós yellow_vector

Xavier Roldós

Mortgage specialist

Raquel Barrabés yellow_vector

Raquel Barrabés

Mortgage Specialist

Raquel Merino yellow_vector

Raquel Merino

Mortgage specialist

Sabina Giménez yellow_vector

Sabina Giménez

Mortgage specialist

If you also want to be part of h2b Hipotecas, get in touch with us! Send us your CV and cover letter to info@h2bhipotecas.com


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